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One of my favorite things to look at when I check out another author's website is their "Resources For Writers" page -- or whatever they may end up calling it. I'm always fascinated by other writers' processes and the tips, tricks, and how-tos they like to use -- and other authors I speak to seem to share this fascination. So I wanted to put together a little page of my own to share with you all my favorite stuff on writing -- from books to websites to videos to specific YouTube channels. Here's stuff that helps me with my writing, or just stuff that keeps me inspired to keep writing. 


On Writing by Stephen King

Sometimes more memoir than craft book, but it's got a number of really great nuggets of information from one of the world's best-selling authors. Also some fun quotable lines to use as motivation. 

Save the Cat! Writes A Novel by Jessica Brody

The Save the Cat beat sheet method isn't perfect, nor does it work for everyone, but it really helped me figure out how to structure my stories, so I will always recommend it! 

Passionate Ink by Angela Knight

I bought this book a good eleven years ago, and now it looks like it might be hard to come across, but if ever you see it, definitely give it a read! It may be a book all about erotic romance, but it also talks a lot about character and story, as well as has a whole section about publishing. 

The Writers Helping Writers Series by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi

This is a series that I've only recently come across, and already I'm in love. There are currently six books in this series: The Emotion Thesaurus, The Negative Trait Thesaurus, The Positive Trait Thesaurus, The Rural Setting Thesaurus, The Urban Setting Thesaurus, and the Emotional Wound Thesaurus. If ever you needed help with characters or locations, these books are a saving grace. I'm a huge fan of The Emotion Thesaurus, myself! 

This page is still under construction!


Software / Programs


This is a word processor I've been using since 2014. It can seem huge and complicated at times, but I really recommend it due to how much organization it offers -- you can keep all your projects notes and research in one place. I also really like setting "project / session goals," where you can decide on a final word count goal, and a word count goal for each time you sit down to write. 


I'm still a little new to this software, but so far I'm really enjoying it! Create the ultimate series bible with Campfire -- you can make timelines and relationship trees and character pages and more! 


The homepage for National Novel Writing Month in November, not only do they have a lot of great resources linked, their forums can be super helpful! There are prompts and adoptables, and tons of other writers who are willing to give you advice, ask for your help, or just be your friend. And the forums are kept running all year long! 


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