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"It was cold. But I knew the cold."

Everything was supposed to get better. After the Halloween dance, it was all supposed to be over and she was supposed to go back to her normal life. But things in Shyla Bellamy’s life rarely go the way they’re supposed to. 

Darrow is missing — again — but she doesn’t have time to worry about him. She still has classes to attend, friendships to maintain, and a sister to keep up appearances with. The magic inside of her seems to grow worse every day, however; it’s becoming more unpredictable and volatile, like it’s a living entity all on its own. And even with Darrow in hiding, the dark warlocks have only gotten bolder in their attempts to hunt her down. They’re like animals — singularly driven, but why? 

The only things that keep Shyla’s head level are her relationship with her gargoyle bodyguard-turned-boyfriend, Quinlan, and the possibility that she might one day be able to learn how to control the magic within her. But what happens if the magic takes control of her first? And just what is Darrow planning? 

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Gargoyles of Craven, Book Three
Released: December 8, 2020
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