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It was cold. But I knew the cold — I had been baptized by it. And the darkness. And the First. I could handle the cold.

But wait….  I wasn’t me. I was dreaming.

I was Darrow.

His voice slithered out of the nothingness as soon as I had the realization.

“Grant me your strength, grant me — fervor…. Oh, supreme. Grant me….”

The sound faded in and out. I didn’t catch everything he said. He chanted breathlessly and grunted like every word was a chore, like he had to exert great effort to choke out each syllable.


What was he doing? Where was he? Who was he talking to? I could see nothing in the darkness.


He hissed. The breath was sharp in his lungs. He tasted blood. And salt. He was cold as ice but covered in sweat.


“Oh — supreme.” Another hiss. “Grant me your fortitude. Grant me your fervor.”


Ms. Bellamy?”


Cold. Salt. Blood.


Then pain. Small, but burning. Constant. Building.


Something clicked into place.


Triumph. A laugh in this cold, bitter place.


“Thank you, oh thank you.”


And then the pain exploded.

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