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"Some days, the scars were all I could see...."

Ever since she witnessed the murder of a White Witch at the hands of Darrow, the leader of the dark warlocks, Shyla Bellamy’s life has been a wreck. When his plans to kill her were foiled by the gargoyles sworn to protect her, Darrow disappeared without a trace. She knows he’s still out there, biding his time, but she has a lot of other things to worry about now that summer is over. 

School is back in session, which means she now spends her days cooped up at New Craven High instead of at the cathedral with the gargoyles. Her best friend is back from vacation, and the guilt of keeping her new life such a secret is almost too much for her to bear. On top of that, the dueling magics inside of her are beginning to affect her in new, different ways, but nobody knows what to do or how to help her. An “innocent” like her has never been so involved in magic affairs like this. 

Things are supposed to be easier now that her older sister knows everything, but it’s just too strange and scary for Faye. She’s pulled away from Shyla, who feels totally alone in her struggle, even with her budding relationship with Quinlan, the young warrior from the gargoyle reserve. And in the back of her mind, always, she wonders about Darrow. Where did he go? What is he planning? And more importantly… when will he be back? 

Sometimes, she wishes she’d taken a different way home that night. 

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Gargoyles of Craven, Book Two
Released: October 29, 2019
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